Venkat Krishnamachari

Venkat Krish, is a co-Founder and CPO at MontyCloud. At his former roles at Amazon AWS, Commvault and Microsoft, Venkat has created innovative Server, Virtualization and Cloud technologies for customers. As a product leader, and platform builder Venkat loves collaborating, leading and learning from individuals that are curious, fun loving and passionate about solving complex challenges. On a personal note, Venkat volunteers with Seattle and India based organizations. Venkat is also a founding member and producer of a theatre group and a music group which have delivered over 25 successful live shows over the last 10 years. In his spare time Venkat loves playing games on XBOX and Oculus.

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Empowering IT teams to become cloud powerhouses with no-code CloudOps

We are here to help. As I write this, our world is going through a tumultuous period. Life, liberty and well-being of people have been deeply...

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