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Empowering IT teams to become cloud powerhouses with no-code CloudOps

We are here to help.

As I write this, our world is going through a tumultuous period. Life, liberty and well-being of people have been deeply impacted by current events. In times like these, we take comfort in remembering that there have always been times like these. Our species advances by innovating our way out of any crisis, and we thank all those that are actively contributing to the solutions. Compassion, innovation, and simplification are all important as we handle the current events while building our future. We would like to help.

If you are focused on Covid-19 related diagnosis, research & cure please reach out to us at Support@MontyCloud.com. Our team is ready to help! Our cloud experts can help you onboard and scale your cloud resources quickly. Our team can also help you operate your cloud resources in an efficient and secure manner. We are offering extended free usage of MontyCloud DAY2™ for COVID-19 related diagnosis, research & cure.

– Venkat Krishnamachari – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Introducing MontyCloud

This week marks a new milestone in MontyCloud’s vision of empowering IT teams to become cloud powerhouses. We are announcing the general availability of MontyCloud DAY2™. Before I get into what we do, I first want to thank our early adopter customers and partners who took a bet on us and helped guide our product features and technology choices, our advisors and investors (and mentors) led by Madrona Venture Group, Lytical Ventures and Hammer Ventures for their belief in our vision, and our passionate team for bringing their best every day. Thank you!

Cloud is a powerful and complex appliance

At MontyCloud, we have come to appreciate the cloud as both a powerful and a complex appliance. Cloud services include a multitude of individual services, building blocks and settings. Modern applications can be rapidly built on top of the popular cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, GCP and others. Customers expect their cloud to behave like an appliance so they can focus on building higher value applications and services. However, due to the complexities involved in managing the appliance, time to value is often impacted. It is not uncommon to see cost overruns and security compromises, along with delayed delivery of critical goals. Amidst shrinking budgets and reduced timelines to transform, traditional IT teams are looking to evolve faster to deliver CloudOps that is crucial for success in the cloud era.

Our future is rapidly being built by cloud powered applications

From deriving insights navigating massive amounts of data, to correlating interdependent events and making decisions, to powering mission critical business outcomes, cloud applications are helping us build a better future. A portfolio of Windows and Linux Server-based applications, serverless applications, and Kubernetes powered containerized applications are now part of the IT reality. IT teams are faced with operational challenges in the areas of visibility, consistency, compliance, cost and security. Lack of time, modern tooling and knowledge gaps are impeding cloud consumption and innovation.

Migrating to the cloud is just DAY1

Digital transformations often make for some difficult challenges. As customers rapidly adopt the cloud, managing their cloud footprint poses a big challenge. Post migration, remaining agile and yet secure, while consistently delivering operations & granular governance in a cost-efficient manner requires a high degree of expertise.

MontyCloud’s mission is to empower IT teams to become cloud powerhouses

Over the past two decades, as the cloud took shape, I have had the privilege to work with established enterprises, born in the cloud enterprises and startups. Through my tenure at Microsoft Azure, Commvault Inc, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) I have learnt that IT teams that embrace operational excellence and automation have a higher chance of delivering success. As public cloud transformation works its way through DAY1, customers are grappling with traditional network, storage, compute and database silos being compounded with silos created by cloud account, region and service boundaries. The need for compliance, governance, cost related responsiveness manifest in different forms. The tools customers are using on-premises don’t adapt well. While cloud vendors provide rich API interfaces, it takes specialized CloudOps talent (and a variety of third party tooling) to operate well-managed applications. Customers are looking for help with consuming the cloud the right way so they can unlock business value faster.

Announcing MontyCloud DAY2™ – an intelligent Cloud Management Platform

MontyCloud DAY2™ (DAY2™) is an intelligent multi-cloud management SaaS platform for modern enterprise applications. DAY2™ enables enterprise customers and service providers to simplify management and operations of modern cloud applications and services, across AWS, Azure and Edge clouds. DAY2™ integrates with native APIs of cloud providers to mask their complexities. With DAY2™ customers can preserve their trusted management and governance principles such as policy-based controls through blueprints and intelligent automation. Customers can now focus on delivering secure, policy-driven, consistent services to their modern applications and users instead of cumbersome integrations. DAY2™ helps IT Teams transform into agile centers of CloudOps excellence.

Well-Managed applications are foundational pillars to successful cloud transformations

With MontyCloud’s DAY2 ™, customers get on the fast-track to well managed cloud applications. In few clicks, our customers can achieve the outcomes below:

  • Enable compliant self-service deployments of cloud substrates and application environments with well-architected blueprints
  • Easily, and continuously organize & monitor cloud resources in their application’s context
  • Automate routine operations such as patch compliance, security, governance, backups and cost monitoring
  • Help business decision makers, Infrastructure architects and Application developers collaborate better via context specific event timelines
  • Continuously detect and remediate issues with our always-on AIOps bots

We call this DAY2™ CloudOps – efficient operations in the cloud after migration. We believe DAY2™ CloudOps is the missing ingredient for enterprises embracing the cloud for the vast majority of their applications.

MontyCloud is designed to bring AI-Ops to customers

From the start our team has designed DAY2™ is built to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven automation. DAY2™ is built as a higher order event-ing platform that captures every change in the infrastructure as an event and decorates it with the application’s and user’s context. This enables our customers to focus on their business because we abstract the complexities of the cloud appliance. DAY2 ™ will deliver on are self-learning technologies and pre-trained AI/ML services to discover patterns, detect anomalies, automate remediation, optimize guardrails and interact naturally with human resources. We believe DAY2 ™ AIOps can help every company compete better and innovate for the future.

MontyCloud is designed to bring AI-Ops to customers

DAY2™ to deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven automation. Built as a higher order event-ing platform that captures every change in the infrastructure as an event, DAY2™ decorates events with the application’s and user’s context. By abstracting the complexities of the cloud appliance, with an Events-driven approach, we enable our customers to focus on their business instead of the Cloud. We help Cloud architects and builders to build applications that leverage automated remediation actions, pre-trained AI/ML services that detect patterns & anomalies, and self-learning technologies. Customers can also regulate applications with guardrails, and open up applications with interfaces to other applications and human resources. We believe DAY2 ™ AIOps can help every company compete better and innovate for the future.

Our journey has only just begun

We are here to solve complex challenges and deliver a simple solution that empowers IT to become cloud powerhouses. You can try MontyCloud DAY2 for free here. Thank you for your bet on the future. Together we can achieve more.

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