Jonathan is currently the Head of Cloud and Offensive Security for IHS Markit a multi-national information services company that helps customers see why things happen and focus on what really matters so they can make confident decisions to improve efficiency, outpace competitors and drive growth. Previously Jonathan was the Senior Technical Program Manager for AWS Security and in his spare time maintains open-source cloud security tools, spends time with his kids, and studies international military history and cuisines.

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Smart Security Orchestration & Automated Response (SOAR), Or Else

In my previous blog post, I wrote how Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) while very boring, is a “necessary evil” in cloud security programs....

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Cloud Security Posture Management is boring but important

“While it is not popular to say out loud – most companies just are not at the maturity to totally eschew a CSPM. Almost every day, organizations are...

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