Jinesh joined AWS right when Amazon announced its first service Amazon S3 (in early 2006) as a Lead Technology Evangelist. Since then, for 10 years, Jinesh has helped hundreds of enterprises and businesses (large and small) take advantage of Cloud Computing services and helped build a technology platform at AWS and brands that people love. Jinesh has presented at more than 500+ conferences (including AWS re:Invent), has been a keynote speaker at over 20+ industry events including tradeshows and educational events, has led hundreds of executive briefings, and has published numerous cloud architecture whitepapers, blogs (on AWS Official Blog) and articles in journals, and magazines (including the first-ever AWS Cloud Architecture whitepaper). Jinesh's passion lies in anything that revolves around IoT, Serverless Cloud Architectures, Web Services, and anything that revolves around it. Jinesh is a technology advisor to MontyCloud and works closely with MontyCloud product and engineering teams to shape the next generation of AI-driven CloudOps.

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From AWS Lego Blocks to Well-Managed Applications

Well-managed applications start with well-architected deployments. In this edition of OpsTalk Blog – Jinesh Varia, a recognized AWS expert and...

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