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Reducing Total Cost of Cloud Operations up to 70%

Teams driving successful digital transformations focus on driving down total cost of cloud operations starting with provisioning their first application. MontyCloud DAY2™ enables cloud IT teams with real time security, compliance, governance and cost insights along with automated remediations, that help drive down the total cost of cloud operations by as much as 70%. For example, a large online pharmaceutical retailer gained full visibility across dozens of AWS accounts and saved USD 300,000 in cloud costs with DAY2™.

Get full Visibility, perform 200+ Security checks160+ Compliance checks and get Cost saving insights into your Cloud Accounts, in just a few clicks. It is free!


Starting today AWS customers can get the following through an actionable dashboard, for Free with DAY2™: 
  1. A real time inventory of AWS services and resources across multi-account and cross-region footprint
  2. Security and compliance assessment with 200+ security and 160+ compliance policies based on industry standards along with recommended remediations
  3. Cost insights along with cost optimization recommendations 

All you have to do is connect your AWS account in a few clicks to get full visibility and actionable assessments for security, compliance and cost optimization. 

You can achieve autonomous Cloud Operations without adding additional specialized talent or custom tools!

Start optimizing your Cloud footprint and reduce Total Cost of Cloud Operations up to 70%, with an actionable dashboard.
What are you announcing today?

Today we are announcing a FREE tier to MontyCloud DAY2™.

Now you can connect your AWS accounts and get actionable security, compliance, cost and governance insights. As a Cloud Architect, IT Administrator, CloudOps engineer or a Security/Compliance manager, you now get a single dashboard that not only gives you a current snapshot of your cloud environment, but also enables you with cost saving recommendations and automations for quick remediations. 

Unlike other cloud management vendors, in addition to the insights, we are also adding optimizations and automated remediation recommendations. Now with DAY2™ you can drive down your Total Cost of Cloud Operations. 

Continuous resource visibility across multi-account footprint


Security posture assessment using DAY2™ Security Bot


Compliance assessment using DAY2™ Compliance Bot

How can I get started?

It is quite easy and most importantly, it is FREE!  

All you have to do is click here to sign-up and follow a few easy steps in the sign-up wizard to connect your AWS account. Next, the DAY2™ dashboard will give you cost, security, compliance, and operational insights along with recommended remediations.  

To try the automated remediations as well as provisioning and management features, you can sign up for a FREE no-obligation trial
What is Total Cost of Cloud Operations (TCCO)?

IT teams tend to look at cost management narrowly in the context of understanding and reducing their cloud resource bills. Cloud resource bills usually are only a fraction of their total cost of cloud operations. Working with customers such as St. Louis University and a large online pharmacy we learnt that the costs of managing basic operations such as enabling consistent self-service of compliant applications, driving granular security, compliance and governance were adding a lot more to their cloud costs. Total cost of cloud operations focuses on holistically driving down costs, including infrastructure bills, through efficient operations.  

Check out an insightful conversation by AWS Solution Architect and our Customer on how we fast track your digital transformation in just a few clicks! View here
Why is a TCCO approach to CloudOps so effective?

The TCCO approach is effective because it focuses on intelligent automation in the applications and business context. In this approach central IT teams begin by enabling their users to deploy operations ready and compliant application environments on demand. This approach also empowers the application IT teams and citizen developers to make operating decisions. At the same time central IT is also able to have a continuous 360-degree visibility and deliver granular governance. Cloud took its roots in the enterprise through shadow IT and citizen developers that value time and flexibility. This approach embraces the entrepreneurial spirit while also enabling governance safeguards. 


Check out this valuable discussion by Jeff Barr, VP and Chief Evangelist at AWS on how you can unlock modern value with Cloud Data and CloudOps. View here


How can organizations plan a successful cloud strategy?

A cloud strategy is successful when organizations factor in everyday operations with an application and business centric view even as they plan their cloud migrations. This involves the following deliberate actions: 

  1. Ensure you have a current 360-degree view of all your cloud services and resources. Getting a cross-account, cross-region view enables you to drive consistency across your enterprise.  
  2. Organize your resources into the applications and business context. This ensures you can make effective decisions and bring in the right business and IT stakeholders.  
  3. Frequent security and compliance assessments relative to cloud best practices and industry standards can help ensure you identify vulnerabilities on time, define robust remediation policies and automate.   
  4. Get a view of resource costs at the application level. This will ensure that you are able to set appropriate guardrails. When spikes or increments happen, you are quickly able to identify the root causes to action. 
  5. Look for applications and usage patterns. This will not only help you right size, but also take advantage of cost saving purchasing programs such as enterprise agreements. 
  6. Automate, automate and automate. Constantly identify repeatable management patterns – such as patching, or frequently used infrastructure patterns to automate with guardrails and make them available on-demand.  
Check out MontyCloud DAY2™ and achieve excellence in CloudOps. Try for Free

Approaching CloudOps from a total cost of cloud operations perspective will help customers run more efficient environments which enables them to drive costs down while making cloud transformations a strategic business asset.   

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