After years of experience working with partners at all phases of their cloud journey, I am thrilled to announce MontyCloud’s AWS Practice Builder program. This program is geared towards emergent partners aspiring to enter a hyper-growth phase of their business. It's time to unlock the full potential of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and take your AWS managed services practice to the next level.

1-to-6.40-image2It is no secret that companies of all sizes, across all industries are rapidly migrating to the cloud. Gartner forecasts that public cloud spending will surpass $724B by the end of 2024 and 75% of organizations will adopt cloud as the underlying platform for digital transformation by 2026. Further, based on a 2023 Canalys study, partners with a full stack of professional services can achieve up to a $6.40 multiplier per $1 AWS sold.

Very few companies have mastered cloud operations, and with hundreds of available AWS services at a customer’s disposal, migrating to and operating in the cloud is more complex than ever before. The aggregate market opportunity for managed service providers is clearly massive — but only if an MSP can effectively position and market against other providers and consistently deliver on the value they sell to their customers

As you search for the perfect independent software vendor (ISV) solution to power and differentiate your AWS practice, MontyCloud is uniquely positioned to support AWS MSPs in reaching the next level. Our platform isn't just “another cloud management tool”; it's a dynamic and agile solution that caters specifically to the needs of growing MSPs, SIs, and consultants — and is supported by a team of GTM subject matter experts with a cumulative 40+ years of experience in the CloudOps ISV space. MontyCloud has closely partnered with top AWS partners and AWS to develop the functionality you need to fully manage resource provisioning and tagging for AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) engagements, perform optimization assessments including AWS Well-Architected Framework Reviews (WAFR), remediate findings, conduct regular server patching and maintenance, standardize your deployment and onboarding processes, and so much more.

Our platform offers unmatched and purpose-built capabilities, allowing you to adapt swiftly to changing customer demands, AWS updates, and market trends. Partners that leverage MontyCloud are better equipped to address and overcome key obstacles to profitability in their road to AWS managed services excellence, including:

  • Up-leveling teams’ AWS expertise and empowering talent with no-code solutions
  • Providing consistency of service delivery and faster speed to market for new services
  • Simplifying and reducing overhead costs of pre-sales activities with automation
  • Taking full advantage of available funding and programs with detailed audit trails that build trust with your customers and AWS

We understand the unique challenges you face and have designed our AWS Practice Builder program to help you overcome them with ease. When you partner with MontyCloud, you will receive hands-on use case design support, detailed content and process guidance, go-to-market consultation and enablement for your sales team, and collaboration with you and your AWS Partner Management team. We are committed to continually growing our library of content and resources to support AWS Practice Builder partners as needs change and new platform capabilities are released.

But, what truly sets MontyCloud’s AWS Practice Builder Program apart is our team of CloudOps enthusiasts, including AWS ISV go-to-market and implementation experts, former Amazon and Microsoft leaders, and former managed services practice leads. With decades of experience and specific industry knowledge, the MontyCloud team can become your trusted advisors. From strategic GTM planning to practical implementation, our team will be by your side, providing guidance, support, and best practices every step of the way. Our team has allowed partners to focus more time on differentiating their practice by helping them to:

  • Simplify AWS programs like Well-Architected and MAP
  • Obtain AWS competencies and service delivery status
  • Guidance on advancing through AWS Partner Tiers
  • Maximize the benefits of AWS co-sell programs
  • Increase revenues and profitability

g/d/n/a is one of the first partners taking advantage of MontyCloud’s Practice Builder program, recently announcing a multi-year partnership with MontyCloud. Their founder and CEO, Will Horn, had the following to say about it:

“By leveraging the MontyCloud AWS Practice Builder program, g/d/n/a enhances operational efficiency and strategic innovation by focusing core value development for our clients and maintaining operational excellence across AWS estates. Our co-innovation partnership greatly enhances efficiency in our AWS Assessments and CloudOps Service Provider practices by integrating MontyCloud’s built-in, deep AWS and CloudOps expertise and customer-centric engineering. This synergy accelerates the delivery of enhanced value and maximizes efficiencies across all g/d/n/a solutions, equipping our clients with optimized AWS management, cost savings, and rapid, secure adoption, ensuring success in the AWS ecosystem.”

At MontyCloud, we believe in empowering our partners. Our expert guidance and platform automation enables you to navigate the AWS ecosystem with confidence, delivering exceptional services to your clients and maximizing the market opportunity for AWS managed services.

Learn more about MontyCloud’s AWS Practice Builder program here


MontyCloud's AWS Practice Builder

MontyCloud's AWS Practice Builder

After years of experience working with partners at all phases of their cloud journey, I am thrilled to announce MontyCloud’s AWS Practice Builder...

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