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MontyCloud DAY2 SaaS Offers are now available through the AWS Marketplace

I am pleased to share that MontyCloud DAY2 offers are now listed on the AWS MarketplaceNow, AWS customers can  

  1. Signup for a 14-DAY FREE trial of DAY2 
  2. After 14-DAY FREE trial, continue to use DAY2 Discovery and Classification for FREE 
  3. Engage MontyCloud for a Custom Private Offer    
About MontyCloud DAY2 

DAY2 is a born in the cloud SaaS platform that customers use to: 

  • Reduce cloud costs, stay compliant and accelerate cloud transformation across lines of business 
  • Consistently provision their resources, and reduce deployment time
  • Get continuous visibility into their cloud footprint
  • Achieve autonomous cloud operations and do more with fewer Infrastructure & CloudOps engineers 
MontyCloud DAY2 portfolio includes 4 SaaS offers:  

DAY2 Discovery & Classification: You can gain continuous and complete visibility into your cloud environments and their security posture, across cloud regions, cloud account boundariesin just a few clicks. 

DAY2 Well-Managed Cloud: You can create well-managed cloud accounts that include best practices for cost savings, security, tagging, compliance, monitoring and modern CloudOps. 

DAY2 Well-Managed Servers: You can deliver consistent monitoring, autonomous management, and continuous compliance enforcement of Windows and Linux Servers across on-premises, AWS and other public clouds.

DAY2 Well-Managed ApplicationsYou can deploy compliant application environments that automatically include monitoring and self-service tasks for routine operations. 

Customers and partners are already using DAY2 to drive efficiency and to cut costs.  

Most recently, we helped 

MontyCloud AWS Partnership 

MontyCloud partners with AWS to enable our customers to run Well-Managed Applications with No-Code CloudOpsMontyCloud DAY2 is built on native AWS technologies such as AWS Systems ManagerAWS CloudWatch, AWS Config, and AWS CloudFormation and helps customers consistently provision, manage and achieve autonomous operations of their cloud resources and applications. 


We co-authored two technical blogs on AWS Management & Governance Blog that details the value customers can get from our partnership with AWS. 


Sign up for afree trial !
We look forward to helping you and your team. 


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