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MontyCloud DAY2 is now available to Startups in the AWS Activate Program, FREE for 3 months

Amazon Web Services (AWS) supports startups in their journey to build and scale their business through the AWS Activate program. The program offers USD 100,000 in AWS credits to cover usage, support credits and access to enterprise grade tools at exclusive discounts via the Activate Marketplace.

We are excited to announce that, starting today, startups in the AWS Activate program can use MontyCloud DAY2 FREE for 3 months and at 25% discount on an annual subscription. MontyCloud DAY2 helps startups simplify their cloud operations and run secure, compliant, and efficient cloud operations without scaling their cloud teams. You can get started with MontyCloud DAY2 by signing up through the AWS Activate console.

To avail this offer, search for ‘MontyCloud’ under Exclusive offers in the Activate Console. Click on “Claim Offer.” Once you claim the offer, we will work with you to onboard your AWS accounts to MontyCloud DAY2. Moreover, our customers tell us that with MontyCloud DAY2 they start optimizing their AWS environments in under 10 minutes.

AWS Activate MontyCloud offer



Modern startups that are born in the cloud, have their solutions powered by a host of services from cloud providers such as AWS. Cloud powered solutions demand excellence in cloud operations. At most early-stage startups, the engineering teams double up as cloud operations specialists. Startup leaders look to focus their limited resources and time on product development and faster time to market. Adding specialized talent for Cloud Compliance, Security or Cost optimization is hard to do when the demand is “do more with less”. Hence, it is critical to enable developers innovate without the burdens of cloud operations. This is where MontyCloud DAY2 adds value to innovators.

MontyCloud DAY2 simplifies how cloud teams manage AWS by helping automate and manage cloud operations in days, not weeks. Our no-code cloud management and, automation improves developer productivity by 40%. Automatic resource and cost optimization recommendations can save up to 70% of cloud operations costs and helps startups with effective utilization of AWS credits.

Here are 4 MontyCloud DAY2 features that can help you achieve CloudOps excellence 


1 – Rapid provisioning of environments and simplified adoption of AWS services

Enable developers to safely and rapidly self-provision cloud environments. We empower your team to leverage over 40 AWS services with pre-baked well-architected infrastructure as code (IaC) templates to cut down your time to market.

Saint Louis University reclaimed 30% productive time for their research team with IaC templates.


2 – Maintain complete visibility and ensure continuous optimization

Enable teams to experiment and innovate without the worry of security concerns or bill shocks. Pre-set cost and security guardrails help your team adhere to best practices, and maintain a real-time inventory of resources with logical groupings. This helps to interpret AWS bills with clear attribution and optimize cost with intelligent recommendations.

An online pharmacy startup saved US $300,000 in AWS bills through resource optimization.
3 – Automate security and compliance management

Save time and effort for your team with BOT based CSPM automation and compliance checks. Automate checks for 400+ security and compliance best practices such as NIST 800 171, NYDFS 23, PCI DSS 3.2.1, CMMC, CIS, FedRamp and HIPAA. With built-in No-Code remediations, streamline resolution with no deluge of alerts for the security team.

A Fortune 500 company achieved 100% compliance and automated remediation across 10,000 + EC2 instances.
4 – Eliminate the burden of routine Cloud Operations

Developers spend hours monitoring their infrastructure for configuration drift issues and remediating them. We can help your team with continuous monitoring and a ready to use library of automated tasks to automate operational activities. They can leverage these tasks along with conditional rules or bring their own custom scripts to run on MontyCloud DAY2.

LeadSquared improved operational efficiency by 50% with task automation.


CloudOps Dashboard


After you claim your offer from the AWS Activate console and onboard your AWS accounts to MontyCloud DAY2, you will have access to the CloudOps dashboard that highlights your current resources, security & compliance outcomes and recommendations to achieve CloudOps excellence.


In short, we have partnered with AWS to offer exclusive discounts for startups looking to innovate and grow fast. If you are a startup looking to scale your cloud infrastructure the right way, keeping in mind security, compliance, and cost, then you should try MontyCloud DAY2.

As an existing AWS Activate member, you can get started at the Activate console

If you are looking to join AWS Activate, head to AWS Activate

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