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Introducing our expanded portfolio for Well-Managed DAY2 Operations

Today we announced the next generation of cloud management, with an expanded portfolio of MontyCloud DAY2 products. DAY2 is a No-Code, intelligent cloud management platform that helps enterprise IT teams build, deploy, and run well-managed infrastructure and operations ready cloud applications and services.

The expanded portfolio includes:

DAY2 Discovery and Classification helps you gain continuous and complete visibility of resources into your cloud environments across cloud regions and cloud account boundaries instantly. DAY2 Discovery & Classification is available for free. All you have to do is sign up for MontyCloud DAY2 and connect your AWS account.

DAY2 Well-Managed Cloud helps you enable your users to provision compliant and operations ready cloud accounts, regions, and networks on-demand. A rich catalog of well-architected blueprints and task automations, enables you to easily leverage best practices in security, compliance, governance, and cost management.

DAY2 Well-Managed Servers helps you deliver consistent monitoring, autonomous operations management, and continuous compliance of Windows and Linux servers across on-premises and in the cloud.

DAY2 Well-Managed Applications helps you enable your users to deploy compliant, operations ready application environments on-demand through a self-service catalog. You can automate routine tasks at the time of deployment and instantly manage your application through customizable dashboards.

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, DAY2 helps you improve security, compliance, and governance outcomes, reduces Total Cost of Cloud Operations, and instantly delivers excellence in CloudOps to your teams. You can get started today with a free trial of our No-Code CloudOps platform. Visit us at  https://app.montycloud.com/signup

MontyCloud’s DAY2 has helped us achieve automated provisioning and enabled intelligent operations of AWS resources and applications that power our research team. It is always a challenge to work on cutting edge research areas with limited cloud IT specialists and budget. Thanks to MontyCloud, we have reclaimed over 30% of our productive time and we are able to focus more on our research and innovations.
– Jasmin Patel, Assistant Vice President, Research Strategy, and Innovation, St. Louis University
Momentous three months

Today’s announcement is the culmination of a momentous three months. Since April 2020, when we launched MontyCloud DAY2, our team has made it easy for customers across various segments to achieve CloudOps excellence. Here’s what we have accomplished since April this year:

  • With DAY2 Well-Managed Cloud and DAY2 Well-Managed Applications, St. Louis University increased researcher productivity by 30% without adding IT staff. DAY2 helped their research department achieve self-service operations for cloud applications powered by Jupyter Notebooks and eLabsFTW.
  • DAY2 Well-Managed Cloud and DAY2 Well-Managed Applications helped Jain Group of Institutions (JGI) navigate Covid-19 disruptions successfully by transforming into a AWS powered CloudOps team in under 2 weeks. JGI successfully conducted exams for 14,000 students online.
  • We are now an AWS Advanced Technology Partner and an AWS Public Sector Partner.
  • Business Insider recognized us as one of the top 24 technology startups to watch in 2020.

Like most businesses, we are also impacted by the worldwide pandemic. We also pivoted our operations. But through these changes we never took our focus off our mission to build a modern No-Code CloudOps platform.

Our customer engagements continue to validate and shape our mission of empowering enterprise IT to become cloud powerhouses.

Well managed applications are foundational
With MontyCloud’s DAY2 our team consistently provisions critical cloud apps. Self-service tasks have simplified our operations.
– Sudhakar Gorti, Chief Product Officer, LeadSquared

Well managed applications are foundational to enterprise IT becoming cloud powerhouses. Why? Let’s look at what makes a Well-Managed Application first.

With a Well-Managed application you can:

  1. Enable your users to deploy compliant cloud substrates and application environments on-demand through a self-service catalog.
  2. Instantly and continuously discover and visualize all your resources in your application’s/business context.
  3. Automate routine operations such as patch compliance, governance enforcement, and backups.
  4. Continuously organize and monitor cloud resources in their application’s context.
  5. Continuously detect and automatically remediate issues including drifts from desired server state.

We call this DAY2 CloudOps – efficient operations in the cloud after migration. We believe DAY2 CloudOps is the missing ingredient to Well-Managed Applications. The easier it is to achieve well managed applications the faster enterprises can embrace the cloud.

A bit more about our expanded portfolio

DAY2 Discovery and Classification: Continuous visibility and appropriate classification of AWS resources can be challenging task to keep up. DAY2 Discovery and Classification continuously discovers, inventories and tags thousands of cloud resources across your cloud accounts and regions. Identification of orphaned resources is critical to security and cost control.

DAY2 Discovery & Classification was instrumental to a leading online pharmacy saving $300K a year. Our Sr. Product Manager Sri Santhanam, explains how you too can get started in just a few clicks in this OpsTalk podcast. DAY2 Discovery and Classification is free. Try it today!

DAY2 Well-Managed Cloud: Creating clouds accounts and regions that meets your company’s security, compliance and cost guidelines is hard and time consuming. Simple misconfigurations can easily lead to security breaches, compliance violations and cost overruns. Despite spending a lot of time and money, it can still can feel like you are constantly running on treadmill, as new cloud accounts are added, and you have to repeat the same tasks again.

MontyCloud Well-Managed Cloud enables departmental IT, application owners and citizen developers to create accounts and regions with established guardrails. On-demand provisioning of well-managed accounts and regions helps drive down costs and hardens the security, governance and compliance posture.

Jain Group of Institutions provisioned their AWS account in 15 minutes with DAY2 Desired Account State blueprint. Our Sr. Cloud Engineer Ganapathy Pullera talks more about this well-architected blueprint that is available from the DAY2 Well-Managed Cloud Library.

DAY2 Well-Managed Servers: Dealing with non-standard servers is still a significant problem.  Server management, be it scheduling up/down time, patch management or enforcing desired state configurations creates bottlenecks for CloudOps teams.

DAY2 Well-Managed Servers is a fully managed SaaS service that helps cloud administrators deliver consistent monitoring, autonomous management and continuous compliance enforcement across their fleet of on-premise and cloud servers.

Our partner A4Tech uses DAY2 Well-Managed Servers to get one-click shell access to their cloud instances . Luke Walker, a Principal Product Manager, here at MontyCloud explains how you too can get started in his OpsTalk Podcast.

DAY2 Well-Managed Applications: Creating compliant, secure, resilient and operations ready application environments requires stitching together many cloud services. From right sizing the resources to monitoring the right operational metrics, it takes deep expertise and scripts to get it right.   

DAY2 Well-Managed Applications provides dozens of well-architected application blueprints to deploy Infrastructure-as-Code, without scripting. Resources deployed with DAY2 Blueprints are instrumented with discovery, monitoring, event tracking and No-Code task automation and available on-demand through a self-service portal, with role-based access and supervised by guardrails.

St. Louis University improved researcher productivity by 30% by automating routine tasks. You can also bring your own applications or group disparate applications into an application and manage with DAY2 Well-Managed Applications. Luke Walker, Principal Product Manager, here at MontyCloud explains in his OpsTalk Podcast how you too can automate routine operations tasks with DAY2 Well-Managed Applications.

Try it today!

DAY2 Discovery and Classification is free! You can connect your AWS account to MontyCloud DAY2 and get started in under 5 minutes. You can also try the entire MontyCloud DAY2 portfolio for free for 14-days. Sign up today! . You will instantly realize value as many customers already have.

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