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The Future of Autonomous CloudOps: from Generative AI to Interactive AI

AI is fundamentally disrupting how we solve challenges and look at opportunities. It’s easier to interact with technology to find what you are looking for, create new value, and simplify routine actions than ever before. The availability of Large Language Models (LLM), fine tuning options, and abundance of re-usable automation is sparking new ideas and innovations across consumer and business segments.

Although AI powered solutions are being adopted across fields, Cloud management and operations continue to be mired with complex and undifferentiated heavy lifting. Managed Service Providers and Cloud users are burdened with a broad range of shared responsibilities such as cloud enablement, cost management, governance, security, compliance, and operational activities. 

We built MontyCloud on the promise of ‘Autonomous CloudOps’ because anyone using the cloud deserves a simple, consistent, and unified approach to their Cloud Operations. MontyCloud’s approach to Autonomous CloudOps supercharges teams to innovate more and operate less. Our Managed Services Provider partners can now provide consistent operations to more customers, expedite the adoption of modern cloud services, and scale their business with significantly lower total cost of operations.

Today we are bringing interactive cloud operations forward into the age of Generative AI powered solutions. We are excited to share how we are helping our customers and partners achieve their cloud outcomes in a radically simpler and more efficient manner, with safety and consistency at its core. 

In this blog post, we will discuss Generative AI vs Interactive AI and how MontyCloud is a pioneer in Autonomous CloudOps.

From Generative AI to Interactive AI

Generative AI empowers customers to rapidly create new content across multiple modalities, including text, images, and videos, using natural language requests. Customers just need to ask for what they want to create in a natural language. Results are typically ‘generated’ by training neural networks on enormous volumes of data. However, due to the variability in the data, selective attention mechanisms, and choice of the Large Language Model used (such as Titan from Amazon, Claude from Anthropic, Jurassic from AI21 etc.), different outputs are possible for customer’s questions. Also, responses vary based on how a request is phrased. While this facilitates creative projects and enhances productivity in communication, deterministic requirements demand a more reliable framework for technology application.

With Interactive AI, customers expect their AI powered Agents to be more precise in the responses and demand the actions taken by them are deterministic, traceable, and auditable. Interactive AI Agents must operate with approved best practices, within their governance guardrails of their business, and be mindful of the impact radius when managing their digital infrastructure in the Cloud.

We are rapidly heading towards Interactive AI Agents becoming a norm at the workplace. MontyCloud is excited about this as it brings forth our vision of a purpose-built, Autonomous CloudOps approach to helping our customers as they embrace both Generative and Interactive AI Agents. 



MontyCloud is a Pioneer in Autonomous CloudOps 

Unlike traditional Cloud Management approaches MontyCloud was fundamentally built as a domain driven, Event-driven, context rich, automation platform. A domain driven platform is a key building block to deliver Autonomous CloudOps. A continuous approach to ingesting Cloud-Events and contextual information is essential to understand the needs and actions of Cloud teams. Additionally, automation systems must understand modern cloud applications and services and operate within the latest policies and guidelines of organizations.

MontyCloud democratizes access to the public cloud through a No-Code interactive experience. Our platform is built on three fundamental systems, a 'System of Record', a 'System of Intelligence', and a 'System of Engagement'. These systems enable us to deliver a unique product that sets us apart from traditional IT Ops and cloud management companies.



MontyCloud DAY2 is a purpose built, events-driven CloudOps platform that is powered by our patent for ‘System and method for facilitating management of Cloud Infrastructure by using Smart Bots’

400+ autonomous checks and Automated remediation playbooks for the Well-Architected Framework is helping our customers build and manage well-managed cloud environments and application workloads.





MontyCloud’s Platform simplifies Cloud Compliance with our Compliance Bot, and Cloud Security management with our Security Bot.

Managed Services Partners leverage our No-Code automation to rapidly upskill their teams to deliver to their multi-tenant, multi-account customers in just a few clicks. 






With multiple CloudOps certifications and endorsements, we have built a verified and vetted product that our customers and partners rely on to easily manage and operate their cloud footprints.

We are excited to innovate on behalf of our customers as we continue building on our unique approach to simplifying cloud operations with MontyCloud’s AI infused platform from the ground up.

Our vision to ‘Transform teams into cloud powerhouses’ helps customers focus more on innovating instead of operating their cloud footprint. Our MSP partners are doing more with less, unlocking new opportunities while helping their customers get the best out of the public cloud.

We look forward to sharing more on our generative and interactive AI powered solutions in the coming days and weeks.


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Written by: Kannan Parthasarathy (Co-Founder, CTO) and Venkat Krish (Co-Founder, CPO)


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