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Announcing MontyCloud’s CloudOps Copilot - Your Interactive AI Agent that Simplifies Cloud Operations


Today I am super excited to announce the availability of MontyCloud’s CoPilot for Cloud Operations, an interactive Agent for simplifying Cloud Operations. 

MontyCloud CloudOps Copilot (preview) is an AI-powered tool to help you innovate more and operate less as you build on the public cloud. The CloudOps Copilot leverages technologies such as Large Language Models (LLMs), Amazon Bedrock services and Open Search to help customers automate their Cloud Operations.  

MontyCloud CloudOps Copilot can help Partners onboard new customers rapidly, perform comprehensive assessments of their cloud footprints, analyze insights, and provide actionable recommendations that help save on Cloud cost, improve security, performance, and reliability of their workloads, and empower their teams to do more towards sustainability goals. 

"AI-powered chatbots have the ability to make a tremendous impact on cloud operations and improving efficiency with real-time actionable data," explained Dan Kent, Red River CTO. "Our collaboration with MontyCloud enables us to apply the power of AI to cloud management in a powerful way that will improve decision-making across organizations." 

MontyCloud’s CloudOps Copilot is now available in public beta and can be accessed via the MontyCloud DAY2 platform interface, as an interactive agent.  

You can perform operations like a seasoned cloud expert without using a myriad of cloud consoles or tools to deliver on your shared responsibilities and achieve your business KPI - by interacting in your natural language. 

The Copilot can help answer questions about your environment and provide actionable insights, and with your approval can take actions on your behalf. 

 Here are some of the benefits of CloudOps Copilot 

  • Run a Well-Architected Framework Assessment 
  • Identify and remediate High Risk and Medium Risk Incidents 
  • Recommend actionable cost saving actions across your cloud footprint or in specific workloads 
  • Take actions that help you achieve your KPIs for Security, Reliability and Sustainability goals 
  • Reduce the need for specialized cloud talent and empower teams to innovate more and operate less 

“A common goal for our customers & partners is that they all want to ‘Innovate more and operate less’. This is why we built MontyCloud’s DAY2 platform from the ground up to deliver Autonomous CloudOps. MontyCloud’s CloudOps Copilot is a culmination of 4+ years of thought leadership, innovation, and automation powered simplification of Cloud Operations.” – Says Kannan Parthasarathy, CTO at MontyCloud. 

Some of the examples of interactions you can have with CloudOps Copilot in your natural language include: 

  • How are my workloads doing against the best practices in the Well-Architected Framework? 
  • What is the latest with my Cloud footprint?  
  • List all unencrypted EBS Volumes and Snapshots in my organization / account / project / workload 
  • Do I have any unallocated Elastic IP addresses in my workload? 

In the upcoming release of CloudOps Copilot, we will support features such as Cloud provisioning, monitoring, ticketing, and incident management. We will also help our partners customize and personalize the abilities of CloudOps Copilot so it can understand their unique business needs and deliver more valuable services rapidly. We are very thankful for the collaboration with the AI engineering team from SERC at IIIT Hyderabad. Thanks to the Amazon AWS service teams, AWS Partner teams that we collaborate with.  

The AWS Bedrock team's cutting-edge technologies, coupled with their rapid pace of innovation, are revolutionizing the field of AI development. By providing support for a diverse range of Large Language Models (LLMs), they are making AI development more accessible and significantly speeding up our ability to deliver value. 

You can request early access to MontyCloud’s CloudOps Copilot here 


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