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5 Attributes Of CloudOps Platforms

No-Code Autonomous CloudOps – The way forward

Enterprises are rapidly expanding their cloud IT footprint. IT Operations teams must rapidly upskill themselves to run cost effective, compliant, secure and agile cloud infrastructures. Autonomous Cloud Operations is key to cloud success. No-Code Autonomous CloudOps solutions can help IT teams upskill within weeks, drive successful digital transformations and reduce your total cost of cloud operations by 40% or more.

What is CloudOps?

Cloud Operations or CloudOps is the discipline of adapting IT infrastructure management to DevOps practices, CloudOps facilitates agile delivery and smooth functioning of cloud-based IT resources. CloudOps also delivers optimal performance levels that meets the needs of the customer. In addition, CloudOps ensures a high degree of availability, security compliance, as well as keeps operational costs in check.

  1. Instant Visibility and business context
  2. Provision Compliant Application Environments On-Demand
  3. Automate routine tasks from a rich task library
  4. Monitoring, Alerts and Auto Remediation
  5. Cost, Compliance and Operations Reports

Delivering consistent CloudOps can be complex. IT teams need to automate to consistently deliver to SLAs. Automation requires coding skills to stitch together the rich API sets that each IT resource, such as compute, storage network, database identity & access and log management provide. To upskill their teams fast, ITteams need a Cloud Native No-Code Autonomous CloudOps solution.

Autonomous CloudOps

What is Autonomous CloudOps?

An Autonomous CloudOps solution enables you to automate your routine and repeatable cloud operations such as resource provisioning, user management, patch management, responding to routine alerts, configuration enforcement, security and compliance checks. Autonomous CloudOps enables your high-value talent focus on activities that deliver higher business impact, such as transitioning from servers to serverless environments.

What is a Cloud-Native solution?

And, why should you care?

A Cloud-Native solution is built on the native APIs for the cloud resources it manages. This means you do not have to install, test, deploy or secure any third-party agents. The solutions are delivered as a Software as a Service solution. You can get started with managing your cloud resources just by connecting your accounts and pay only for what you use.

What is No-Code CloudOps?

Cloud services come with a rich set of APIs. Application environments are composed of multiple services. To make it work, today IT teams require programming skills to tie the individual resources together. No-Code CloudOps solutions abstract the complexity and deliver outcomes – such as deploy an Amazon ElasticSearch application. Code is replaced with clicks, so your IT teams can become cloud experts in days not months.

Five Attributes to Consider in an Autonomous No-Code CloudOps Solution

An autonomous CloudOps solution enables you to:

Get Instant Visibility and business context

Get instant visibility into your cloud footprint across multiple regions and accounts. Continuously inventory new and retired resources across the organization. Organize and manage cloud resources in the application or business context.

Provision Compliant Application Environments On-Demand

Self-service provisioning through a standardized library of compliant, cost optimized, and ops-ready infrastructure blueprints.  Enable applications teams to deploy application environments on demand with cost, security and governance guardrails set up and enforced by the CloudOps teams.

Automate routine tasks from a rich task library

Automate routine tasks such as add/delete users, provide application administrators to configure backups, set up alert channels such as Slack, through a rich task library. Create and manage a custom task library for your users.

Monitoring, Alerts and Auto Remediation

Customized dashboards for applications and granular resource monitoring, Get contextual alerts. Trigger automated remediation workflows. CloudOps teams can intervene when they need to remediate. They have access to event-based logs that they can use for fast root cause analysis. They can bring IT and business team together for resolution. And IT teams safely perform routine or even break-glass tasks through secure fully audited access to resources.

Cost, Compliance and Operations Reports

IT teams can generate up-to-the-minute cost, compliance and operations reports on-demand. The reports provide actionable information in the applications and departments contest. Autonomous No-Code CloudOps is essential to accelerating digital  transformations and reducing your total cost of cloud operations. Autonomous No-Code CloudOps is the key to making enterprise IT teams cloud powerhouses.

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